Cute Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft


We have been getting crafty making Christmas trees from paper plates, which will be ready all ready to get glittered and decorated at our craft table on Thursday at the Born To Be Wild Child Christmas Special @ The Ruby Lounge.

If you would like to make these at home with the wild ones they are super fun and easy to do- here’s how we made it and what is needed-


 ✨Paper Plate

✨Green Paint /Paint Brush


✨Glue / Hole Punch

✨Pom Poms/Foam Stickers/ Pipe Cleaners/Sparkly sequins/goggly eyes/Glitter and anything else you would like to use to decorate

1. Paint the paper plate green and leave to dry.

2. Once dry cut the plate into three sections, with one section being smaller than the others. If all cut evenly sized then just trim one down a bit.


3. Layer them together with the smallest on the top. Glue along the bottom of the the top two layers and stick them down or alternatively staple together.


4. Have fun decorating. The pipe cleaners cut looked fab for a smile and full for some tinsel. We tried to glue down the pipe cleaner with pva and a glue stick but neither would hold it in place , If you have a hot glue gun that will do the trick but ofcourse not advised with the little uns so we hole punched each corner and then twice in the middle section of the bottom layer then let our son Colt pull the pipe cleaner through. Easy peasy.

We cant wait to see the result on Thursday.


Peter Hook & Remake Remodel Competition in the light of Joy Division/ New Order Special



In celebration of our upcoming Remake Remodel Joy Division & New Order Night on Saturday plus the Peter Hook & The Light gig this December at Manchester Academy Hooky has kindly given us x2 tickets for the show AND signed copies of all three of his books.

Enter the competition via the Remake Remodel event here: FACEBOOK and  ''SHARE'' and ''LIKE'' the video post from Hooky for a chance to win. Good luck folks. The winner is picked at Random and announced on the post on Thursday.